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About the Book

PLEASE NOTE: This book is currently being updated with new information and insights, clearer layout and a more concise finish. On completion, this webpage will also be updated. Thank you.

A Rational Approach to ME & CFS Recovery is a manual that explains how you can recover from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using methods focused on AMYGDALA Re-EDUCATION, POSITIVE EMOTIONAL Re-FOCUSING and integrated RELAXATION techniques.

The manual presents two practical methods: The Stop Method and Reclaim Yourself. 

The Stop Method is essentially the main method and the manual guides you through how to put this into action.


Reclaim Yourself is explained in the book, but the method itself comes as an accompanying mp3 track. Reclaim Yourself is an essential part of the recovery process and should be listened to after reading the book. 


If after reading the book and listening to the mp3 you feel the methods are right for you but you require further advice, you are welcome to email the author. Free telephone consultations can also be arranged if you need further advice or encouragement.

The book is available for free as an ebook. For a full copy of the book and an mp3 of Reclaim Yourself, you need to email the author at: a.rational.approach@googlemail.com 

Donations are of course much appreciated, this would contribute a small amount towards efforts and also put funds towards providing further help for M.E. sufferers. Donations are however not compulsory! The most important factor is recovery, not making money! But for those who wish to donate, payment details are at the bottom of the page. 

About the Author 

My name is Lorraine (Loz) Evans. I used to have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. or C.F.S), but I recovered and am now living a happy, full and very active life. For me the process of having and recovering from M.E. was a valuable experience that I would not want to take back. I know I won’t get M.E. again because I now understand what it is and how it works.

I was professionally diagnosed through the usual process of elimination. I suffered from M.E. for about one year during which I experienced the regular debilitating symptoms for prolonged periods of time. I’m sure my illness would have continued for much longer had I not managed and resolved it in the way I did. 

My M.E. didn’t just go away by itself. There are certain methods that I used and developed to make it go away. By focusing on amygdala re-education, positive emotional re-focusing and relaxation techniques, I made a full recovery.

You can read the first nine chapters of the manual right now by clicking on the icon at the top left of this page. I have done this so that you can get a good idea of what the manual entails.

The Methods

My research into the most modern understanding of the causes of M.E. centres on the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of the brain responsible for the fight or flight response. It triggers instinctual emotional responses such as fear and anger.

Whereas for a healthy person the amygdala plays an almost background role in their daily life, in M.E. it plays a very prominent role because it has been elevated into a state of constant red alert. This overactive state is the root cause of the symptoms of M.E.

I will discuss the relationship between the amygdala and M.E. symptoms in detail in the book. Understanding this relationship gives us a valuable insight into what’s going wrong, and starts to unveil a straightforward and logical path towards treatment and healing.

The main aim of the methods is to re-educate the amygdala and reset it back to a healthy level of activity. Once this is done, M.E. symptoms cease to be.

In addition to re-educating (or effectively calming) the amygdala, the methods are also aimed at promoting a healthy emotional well-being and becoming more aware of the relationship between the body and mind and what this has to do with the symptoms of M.E.

As well as the two main methods, I discuss other techniques that are useful for overcoming M.E. The 'table of contents' at the start of the book will give you an idea of what other methods I discuss. You can view this by downloading the first nine chapters (for free on the left). 

For the M.E. sufferer, the methods are not about pushing or forcing yourself, but rather about learning how to dissolve symptoms gently and with confidence. The methods are a result of personal experience and not speculation, so I hope that as an M.E. sufferer you will be able to relate easily to them, as I too was once in your situation.

Other M.E. Treatments
You may be aware of other amygdala re-education programmes for M.E. I have never experienced any of these, but I understand they are very successful and I find this encouraging as my methods also focus on amygdala re-education. Having and recovering from M.E. can be a very personal journey and therefore I believe it is good to have a variety of programmes available so that people have a choice depending on what they find suits them best.

Other therapies that I did experience and found very helpful for M.E. were: The Emotional Freedom Technique and Reverse Therapy. My methods are not similar to any of the following: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Pacing. My methods are also not merely based on managing your diet or taking vitamin supplements. Instead, they are aimed at getting to the root of M.E. – The amygdala.

Practical Issues

To request a PDF of the book and an mp3 of Reclaim Yourself, my email address is:    a.rational.approach@googlemail.com


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Feedback is Everything!
If you do find that my methods help you (or if you have any ideas for improvement), then just a very short email would be much appreciated.